International collaboration in light of Integrative Medicine

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Workshop during the conference: Living Light - Licht wirkt - Internationale Jahreskonferenz der Medizinischen Sektion 13.09. - 16.09.2018

Text from the conference program:

This group will examine international and integrative medical collaboration and light. What perspectives exist in different medical systems? How can international networks develop and flourish? The group will evolve through the collaboration of YPIH – Young People in Integrative Healthcare and the International Young Medics Forum for Anthroposophic Medicine. Christoph Holtermann, Arzt, Filderstadt (DE), Maya Cosentino, Ärztin, Dornach (CH).

Definitions of Integrative Medicine[edit | edit source]

See page Integrative Medicine.

Online Platforms[edit | edit source]

See page IM Online platforms.

Integrative medical initiatives[edit | edit source]

See page IM Initiatives.

IM Universities/Education[edit | edit source]

See page IM Universities/Education.

IM Financial aid[edit | edit source]

See page IM Financial aid.

IM Inpatient care settings[edit | edit source]

See page IM Inpatient care settings.

IM Perspectives[edit | edit source]

  • English/spanish/multilanguage meetings
  • international IM (youth / multigeneration) conference - interprofessional
  • wiki for integrative medicine
  • dialogue between existing am/im academies

Links regarding this workshop:[edit | edit source]