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Welcome to the "Young people in integrative healthcare" initiatives Wiki !

Who we are[edit | edit source]

We are a group of young students and doctors interested in integrative medicine. We started to connect people in education or at the begin of their work to professional conferences. YPIH is a meeting of generations and medical cultures. We were at the ICIHM 2016 in Stuttgart, joined the WCIMH 2017 in Berlin and now we are deliberating where to go next. Care to join us ?

How to reach us[edit | edit source]

We are mainly communicating on facebook.

Recent Activity[edit | edit source]

International collaboration in light of Integrative Medicine[edit | edit source]

Working group during the international annual conference of the Medical Section 2018 (anthroposophic medicine).

Definitions of Integrative Medicine[edit | edit source]

See page Integrative Medicine.

Online Platforms[edit | edit source]

See page IM Online platforms.

Integrative medical initiatives[edit | edit source]

See page IM Initiatives.

IM Universities/Education[edit | edit source]

See page IM Universities/Education.

IM Financial aid[edit | edit source]

See page IM Financial aid.

Further plans / ideas - feel free to add ![edit | edit source]

meeting online[edit | edit source]

creating an own event[edit | edit source]

  • An integrative medicine youth conference ? -> Thoughts and plans towards a YPIH forum.

cooperating with another conference[edit | edit source]

imedwiki[edit | edit source]

encyclopedia of integrative medicine (de/en)

WCIMH 2017 - looking back at the conference[edit | edit source]

Posters - displaying the spectrum of integrative medicine[edit | edit source]

Workshops[edit | edit source]

YPIH Workshop Program WCIMH 2017
YPIH Workshop Program at the WCIMH 2017

WS1 - IM Hands on[edit | edit source]

  • Workshop 1 (Mi 16:30-18:00): IM Hands on

WS2 - Curricula around the World[edit | edit source]

  • Workshop 2 (Do 10:30-12:00): Curricula around the World

WS3 - IM online[edit | edit source]

WS4 - Spiritualität und Meditation[edit | edit source]

  • Workshop 4 (Fr 10:30-12:00): Spiritualität und Meditation

WS5 - IM Experts forum[edit | edit source]

  • Workshop 5 (Fr 14:30-16:00): IM Experts forum